Email for the headmaster

Subject: The investment of school money


Dear Headmaster,

I am writing you because I have been very preoccupied for something that is happening in our school since 2011. I don’t understand why the school invests money on things on things that are not very important like Mac computers or Ipads. I think that they are useless because every year the school buys new versions or models. I disagree whit this idea because, I respect that the school buy new ones, but why when they are still working?

I suppose that is a good idea to invest that money on the gym of the school because when it rains, sometimes water enters the gym.

Another possibility to invest the money is on the buses when we travel, because they can be more comfortable. An example of that in past years we used buses Vershae and now, generally, we use buses Jm, that, in my opinion, are less comfortable than Vershae.

Also, the school can invest money on the electric stoves, because there is only one in each classroom, and they do not cover the full room, and there isn’t a warm temperature.

The money can be invested on the study trips of the school like Colliguay, South, North and Europe in the sense of> changing the places where we sleep to some better places, visit more places to learn more with our classmates, and, with this, increase the days of durations of this trips.

My last idea, is that the school should invest the money on the dining hall in the sense of contract better chefs, because most of the students prefer to have lunch at the kiosk instead of the dining hall. Or, the school can invest the money directly on the kiosk so it will have more products to choose from. Why did I say all of this? Simple, because I have been talking with some parents and the mayority thinks like me.

Hope that you will think about my requests

Yours faithfully

Sebastián Achondo



Argument of the debate

My topic: studying grammar is more important than practicing conversation skills.

I am against studying grammar is more important than practicing conversation skills because if you don’t practice talking, it will be very difficult to speak it and if you would like to go to study/work/travel to abroad, you have to know to talk and write English because is the universal language and if you know how to speak, you will not have any problems. In the case you are looking for work, maybe your boss will interview you speaking English.

In the Chilean population, only the 9.5% speak English. I think that is a very low number. Maybe because the people that has more chances to access English, they go to another country.

Interview with a criminal


S: dear jack, we meet again, but this time you will not escape.
J: yes, we meet again, but I think that if I could escape once, why not twice?
S: the best thing is that you will go to jail.
J: You don’t have the suficient evidence to arrest me.
S: Very well, can you tell me what happened in the night of 7 of August of the present year, 1888?
J: I was in my Hause after a day of work 
S: The name of Martha Tabram doesn’t sound familiar?
J: No, and why do I have to know something of that woman?
S: Because she was a prostitute that was murderer, and the witness afirm that you were the murederer.
J: It doesn’t sound me yet, I told you that I am innocent.
S: Are you sure that you don’t know anything? Because the mureder was in whitechapel, the place you live.
J: Aaa, yes, I saw her but I don’t know her name.
S:But you said that you where in your house that day…I was on my house at night
S:At what time did you arrive to your house?
J:I arrived at 8 p.m
S:the murder was at 10 p.m
J: I was at a bar in that hour
S: what did you do at the bar?
J: I drunk a beer and I left
S: and when did you see the body?
J: on my way home.
S: Did you see something else?
J: I saw someone, he was told and blond. I also saw a piece of liber.
S: He was the witness and he said that he saw you with a knife and a piece of liber in your hand.
J: How can you prove that?
S: The liber has your finger prints.
J: Yes, I graved it to see what it was
S: But the knife also has your finger prints 
S: You are arrested for the deaths of Emma Elizabeth Smith and Martha Tabram. The jury will dictate your sentences.
J: Those disserved to be killed.
S: Leave


Descriptions of the murder



Jack the Ripper
Victims: different woman’s. We choose Martha Tabram.
He kill without reason
Date: 7 August 1888
They never caught him
Unknown birth 
Unknown family information 
Occupation: murederer and ripper
Turning points: kill a lot of people 
Traces or signature: pieces of the body of his victims 
How were they caught: they never catch them
Conviction and death: he was never caught and his dead is unknown.
Physical elements: he use a black drove and a knife
Psychological elements: I think he was crazy because he killed people with no reasons


Sherlock Holmes.

Date of birth: January.

He uses his intelligience to catch the criminals.

He lives in 229 Baker Street 

He died in 1 of May 1911

His speciality is investigation, music and Chemics

His best friend is Dr. Watson 

He is British.
The crime was on 7 of August of 1888. Jack the Ripper kill a prostitute in whitechapel, a place of London. Jack the Ripper lived there. The witness, a tall and blond guy, explain that the murderer had a knife and a piece of liber in his hands. The liber and the knife had the finger prints of Jack the Ripper. So Sherlock Holmes acuse him and his sentencing was in jail for life.

Diary entry: A bloody post!1 º


Dear diary,

I woke up at 12 pm, I woke up very hungry but I was calm because there was a dead person in the living-room and I could drink his blood. When I reached the living-room I had a very big surprise because the body was stolen.

I went to my refrigerator and I used the emergency blood. It didn’t  taste good but it doesn’t taste bad either.

After I had a nutritive breakfast, I went hunting again. I decided to hunt only animals because it was day. My first victim was a rabbit that was sleeping. with that rabbit, I had enough blood for lunch time.

After lunch, I killed a dog, when I was drinking his blood, I realized that I was seen by a person. I decided that I would kill that person because if I don’t kill him, he would snitch me.

After that, I went back to my house, when I entered my house, my hedgehog advertised me that the corpse that was stolen last night, was taken by the police! They didn’t arrest me because they were scared of vampires.


Informal letter 23/3/2015

                                                                                                                                                                          Blanca Estela 1355. Viña del mar, chile


Dear Juan Francisco

How are you? I am writing to  you because I want to invite you here to Chile on summer holidays. I think that Peru is very boring and I think that if you came, we will have a very good time.

How is the school there in Peru? It’s very difficult? Is there places to go tourism? Do you go to the ruins of Machu Pichu? 

In my school, we are practicing the passive voice and the active voice. On next Sunday, my brother will get married. I think that your parents are invited.

Guess what? I have just finished reading Harry Potter. Thanks for giving me a copy. I like the book more than the film.

Have do you read the last Harry Potter? I can lend you a copy if you want. If you already have watched the movie, I don’t recommend you to read the book.

Write back soon!


Ps: if I go to Peru one day, I hope that we will eat pigeons!!

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